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As of September 1 2018, the SIR has its own SIR safebook application.
SIR affiliated companies and certificate holders who obtained their certificate after September 1 2018 have access to this SIR application.
Access is limited to affiliated companies and certificate holders.

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Use Chrome, Firefox or Edge for Windows or Safari for Mac.

Or download SIR Safebook to your smartphone via:


If you were not previously logged in to the SIR app, enter your email address on which you received this an email as username and click on new password. You will then receive an e-mail with a link with which you can set a password.
With the SIR application going live, you will receive newsletters and changes via the SIR application in the future.
You can see that there are (news) messages by a notification in the menu bar (orange ball with a number in it).

What can you expect from the application?
You have access to all current SIR manuals in all languages (if available).
You have access to all first aid cards and nozzle selection tables in all languages (if available).
You have access to all relevant information under news, safety alerts and frequently asked questions.
You have access to your own certificates and you can ask questions via the SIR application.
The search function is especially useful if you want to quickly look something up.
If you have any questions about usage or otherwise, please use the "send a message" function in the SIR application.