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Why must incidents be reported to the SIR?
One of the SIR’s most important objectives is to prevent incidents and therefore prevent injuries and/or damage. It is important that conclusions can be drawn from the incidents reported which others can then use to prevent incidents. It is essential that the information is correct and complete. This allows statistics to be compiled of incidents for the entire field in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The reported incidents can be used to draw up recommendations which can be used by everyone with regard to providing safety information and preventing incidents. These recommendations do not contain any names of companies, people and equipment.

Reporting incidents
It is possible to report an incident directly by filling in and submitting the incidents reporting form. It may be the case that, when the incident is first reported, the information is not yet complete. Additional information can always be added later. Correct and complete information increases the reliability of the recommendations.
The SIR would like to receive information immediately after an incident, even if said information is brief. The SIR will then be able to prevent rumours and incorrect impressions. The SIR is reticent when it comes to providing information. If necessary, more extensive information can always be submitted to the SIR at a later date.
Confidential and anonymous
The SIR treats all information confidentially and anonymously, with no mentions of the names of companies and people or of equipment brands. The SIR will assign a code to your notification when it is received and this ensures that the SIR working groups treats the information you provide anonymously.
Learning from each other
The SIR would like to emphasise that it regards the analyses, the conclusions and the recommendations as very important because the information enables lessons to be learned. Something that happens to another today may happen to you tomorrow if you are not properly informed. An analysis of an incident may also leads to a change in the SIR guidelines, as included in the manuals.