High Pressure

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The new manual High-Pressure Cleaning has been in force since 1 September 2020. The manual describes the regulations for safe working with high-pressure equipment. The regulations of this 8th edition completely replace the guidelines of the previous editions.

The revised regulations have been compiled by a group of specialists from the entire industrial cleaning sector. Parties from the Benelux that are involved in practicing high-pressure cleaning methods were represented in this working group: asset owners, cleaning companies, manufacturers / suppliers of equipment.

By high pressure the SIR means a working pressure higher than 250 bar or when the pump capacity is more than 10 kW at a working pressure of more than 25 bar.

The manual is only available digitally and can be consulted in the SIR app.

The manual has also been translated into English, German and French. The content thereof fully corresponds to that of the Dutch version. In cases of discussion, the text of the Dutch version prevails.