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As of end July 2008, the SIR published the new High Pressure Water Jetting handbook which describes the regulations for safe working in the event of high pressure water jet cleaning. The regulations of this 7th revised edition completely replace the guidelines of the previous editions. The new regulations took effect as of 1 October 2008. Meanwhile several revisions have been made for this edition. These are downloadable under the menu 'downloads'. The last revision (no. 3) is from May 2011.
The revised regulations have been drawn up by a group of specialists from the entire industrial cleaning trade. All the parties in the Benelux that are practically involved in this method of industrial cleaning were represented, namely clients, industrial cleaning companies, manufacturers / suppliers of equipment, training institutes and temporary employment agencies.
The SIR regards high pressure to mean a working pressure which is higher than 250 bar, or when the pump capacity exceeds 10 kW when the working pressure is more than 25 bar.
The handbook covers all aspects that play a role when it comes to safe high pressure water jetting:
  • The responsibilities of the parties involved, the client and the contractor, and those of the
    operating and supervisory staff.
  • The demands made on the crew that carries out the cleaning work and the applicable
    certificates that they must have in order to be able to carry out this work safely. The same
    applies to the employees who have to monitor the safe execution of this work.
  • The demands made of the different sorts of high pressure water jet equipment and the related equipment, not only in the case of new constructions but also those which are already in use. The handbook also describes the system used by recognised testing companies, the demands made on acquiring recognition as an testing company, the quarterly inspections and the annual inspections and tests of high pressure water jet installations and all related equipment. The test reports and test certificates are described in detail so that these can be used directly in practice.
  • The safe working methods that apply to all parties and people are also described in detail. The high pressure cleaning activities checklist is an excellent resource to ensure that everything takes place as safely as possible during the preparation, execution and termination of the work. The workplace definition is also described.
  • Attention is also paid to a number of safety matters which are regarded as important.
  • Lastly, attention is paid to the various types of personal safety equipment.
This handbook is also available in the languages Dutch, English, French and German. The content corresponds completely with the Dutch version. Should there be discussion regarding any piece of text, the Dutch text will prevail above other languages.