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The aim of the Stichting Industriële Reiniging [Industrial Cleaning Foundation] (SIR) is to promote and regulate safe working in industrial cleaning situations. The SIR combines and protects that interest in the Netherlands and - since 2003 - in Belgium as well. The SIR serves as an example of how effective self-regulation can be as regards safety in a particular sector.

In order to achieve the goal of working as safely as possible in industrial cleaning situations, the SIR is active in a number of areas. The most important task is to lay down guidelines in cooperation with all the parties in the sector. The unique composition of the parties means that a balanced result can always be achieved which is accepted by all. The guidelines that are laid down therefore apply to the entire sector in the Benelux. By signing the SIR policy statement, all the affiliated businesses undertake to observe the guidelines. The power of this cooperation within the SIR is that the current risks of industrial cleaning are acknowledged, and the appropriate guidelines accepted, by all parties. Due to the fact that the SIR guidelines are unequivocal, their application will reduce unsafe work situations to a minimum.

The SIR spheres of activity cover:

Industrial cleaning is a dynamic field which the SIR constantly monitors. The organization also plays a role to play in encouraging the development of safe equipment, and is involved in the development of safe working methods. The SIR regularly adapts its guidelines to the latest developments in the trade. The network of committees and working groups, in which representatives from all the sectors in the trade participate, ensure that developments in the fields of activity are incorporated into regulations, training courses and examinations. The composition of these groups is always spread proportionally among the parties affiliated to the SIR. In this way the - sometimes contradictory - interests of each party are carefully included in the definitive guidelines.