First Aid Cards

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An analysis of accidents which have taken place during industrial cleaning has shown that the seriousness of the injuries is not always properly recognised. The SIR developed the first aid cards in order to help first aid workers and ambulance personnel at the scene of the accident, as well as doctors and nurses providing treatment in hospitals, to make a correct assessment and treat the injuries correctly.

Correct information at the scene of an accident
In order to be able to guarantee correct treatment, the first aid card must be present at each place of work so that it can be consulted immediately in the event of an accident. If further treatment is needed, always make sure that the first aid cardaccompanies the victim, so that the information on the first aid card can be used in the correct manner.

The SIR first aid card provides dual-purpose information
- The orange side contains information for first aid workers and/or ambulance personnel at
the scene of the accident.
- The blue side contains information for the doctors and nurses providing treatment.
The first aid cards have been developed in cooperation with Oranje Kruis [Dutch First Aid Organisation], the University Hospital in Rotterdam and the Nederlands Ambulance Instituut [Dutch Ambulance Institute].

The SIR publishes 3 first aid cards, each of which has been developed for a specific area of work:
- first aid card for high pressure injuries;
- first aid card for chemical injuries;
- first aid card for hydrogen fluoride (HF) injuries.