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The Stichting Industriële Reiniging organises examinations throughout the entire Benelux for operating and supervisory staff who work in the industrial cleaning trade. The examinations are coordinated by the staff office of the SIR in Maasland. Moreover, the certified people are registered in a tailor-made examinations system, so that companies can find out from the SIR whether a person is SIR certified.
SIR examinations
The examinations requested by affiliated companies are laid down, organised and processed by the examination office of the SIR. The SIR does not organises examinations themselves. Under 'Dates open registration' you will find  examination dates including additional information of training institutes which organise examinations.
Examination regulations
All of the SIR’s examinations are subject to the SIR examination regulations. These contain all the regulations relating to SIR examinations:
  • sort examination
  • validity certificates
  • admission requirements examination
  • organising your own SIR examination
  • candidate registration
  • etc.
Examiners and external examiners
The examinations are held by an examination team consisting of an 1 commissioner or 1 commissioner and one or two examiners. The commissioner monitors the procedures during the examination on the basis of the SIR examination regulations. He has final responsibility during the examination and evaluates the examination with the staff office of the SIR. The examiners are employees of affiliated companies. They dispose of excellent practical experience, which enables them to assess the candidates concerning content.