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The SIR conducts regular consultations with a wide range of organisations. The SIR is the pioneer in three-way consultations between the government, the cleaning company and the client. In its capacity of promoter of the sector’s interests, the SIR consults with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and the Arbeidsinspectie [Health and Safety Inspectorate].



  • Fédération Nationale des Syndicats de l'Assainissement (FNSA) - France /
  • Provinciaal Veiligheidsinstituut (PVI) - Belgium / 
  • S3C Système de Certification Compétence et Conformité - France/ 
  • The Water Jetting Association - Great Britain /
  • Verband deutscher Rohr und Kanaltechnik unternehmen - Germany /
  • Water Jet Technology Association - USA /