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Handbook High Pressure Water Jetting
The most recent version of the handbook which contains the guidelines is the 7th edition, July 2008, revision 3, May 2011.
Price of an English translated handbook € 32.25 (as of 1-1-2017)

Contents manual High Pressure Water Jetting
First aid card
This 6th edition has been developed in cooperation with Oranje Kruis [Dutch First Aid Organisation], the in . In addition, arrangements have been made with theNederlands Ambulance Instituut [Dutch Ambulance Institute] that attention is paid to industrial cleaning injuries when training ambulance personnel. The ‘exposure’ treatment protocol has now been included for ambulance personnel which describes how they can best act in the event of high pressure injuries.
Price € 8.25 (as of 1-1-2017) (A 100% surcharge applies to non SIR members!)

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