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The requirements the employees should meet in chemical technical cleaning, are laid down in the form of attainment and test targets (for the following examinations there are no examinations in the English language). The subject matter is based on these attainment and test targets. The employees must be SIR certified by means of an examination. There are three different categories which fall under working with chemical technical cleaning. Following a brief description of each category.
Chemical Technical Operator (CTO)
This examination is intended for people who work with chemicals or in situations in which chemical/physical reactions can occur during cleaning work. The examination is written and primarily tests whether the candidate is aware of how the health and welfare of those directly and indirectly involved can be protected by consciously reducing the risks.
Chemical Technical Supervisor (TCS)
People who supervise must have sufficient knowledge and skills to ensure safe proceedings during the preparation and implementation of the chemical and technical cleaning work. The supervisor must be aware of all risks that apply to Chemical and Technical Cleaning. This knowledge will therefore be tested during the written examination.
Chemical Technical Inspector (CTI)
An inspector has demonstrably sufficient know-how of chemical-technical cleaning equipment and accessories based on his professional knowledge, training and experience in this area. He is cognisant with the work and safety instructions of the SIR so that he can assess the chemical-technical cleaning equipment and accessories with regard to safety. The Chemical Technical Inspector is responsible for the usability of the equipment, the tests performed and for issueing test certificates. On these criteria a written examination is being held.