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The requirements the employees should meet in pressure vacuum cleaning, are laid down in the form of attainment and test targets which can be found under the menu 'attainment and test targets'. The subject matter is based on these attainment and test targets. The employees must be SIR certified by means of an examination. There are four different categories which fall under working with pressure vacuum. Following a brief description of each category.
Pressure Vacuum Pump Operator (PVPO)
During the preparations, the implementation and the completion of the work, the engineer is responsible for the pressure vacuum vehicles, the employees allocated to him and the activities carried out by the cleaning company which are required for a safe implementation of the work. The engineer is continuously present in the working environment and determines the method of working to be followed in consultation with the assistants and possibly the client. The engineer determines whether the work can start or has to be interrupted. During the written part of the examination, the candidate ‘s knowledge of safety aspects, equipment and terms will be tested. During the practical examination, the engineer must demonstrate, by means of an assignment based on actual practice, that he knows how to work safely.
Pressure Vacuum Supervisor (PVS)
Supervisors must have sufficient knowledge and skills to guarantee safety during the preparation and implementation of pressure vacuum cleaning work. The supervisor must be aware of all the risks which apply to industrial cleaning. Moreover, he must be able to compile, assess and clarify a S&H plan (Safety and Health Plan), a RIE (Risk Inventory and Evaluation) and a TRA (Task Risk Analysis). This knowledge will therefore be tested as well during the written examination.
Pressure Vacuum Inspector (PVI)
The inspector is an expert official who has sufficient knowledge, as shown by professional know-how, training and experience, relating to pressure vacuum installations and accessories. He is familiar with the working and safety regulations of the SIR, and is therefore able to test whether an installation and accesoiries are safe. This knowledge will be tested during the written examination.
Suction Excavator Operator (SEO)
The suction excavator operator is responsible for the suction excavator, the employees he manages (if applicable) and all actions to be performed during the preparation and performance of the activities up to and including the completion thereof.