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The Stichting Industriële Reiniging offers affiliated companies the possibility to acquire an approval as a SIR testing company for high pressure equipment and accessories.The affiliated companies can submit a relevant application to the SIR. As soon as the SIR has received the application, the SIR representative will visit the company and assesses whether it fulfils the SIR requirements for testing company. If this is the case, the company will be issued an approval which is valid for one year. Audits take place every year in order to assess whether the company and the employees still comply.
The approvals cover the full range of high pressure equipment, including safety systems, controls and emergency stops, all types of accessories such as foot pedals, pistols, lances, wall cleaners and tank cleaning heads and also the hoses with couplings.
For companies that qualify, the SIR grants its approval for them to inspect and test industrial cleaning equipment in accordance with the SIR guidelines, after which these companies are allowed to issue recognised certificates for the Benelux. The SIR supplies approval stickers for high pressure equipment that the companies have tested and approved in accordance with the SIR requirements. Only SIR approved testing companies can receive the approval stickers.
Another aim of the testing companies is to ensure uniformity concerning the appearance of equipment certificates. This is beneficial for acceptance and provides easy clarity for clients. The SIR certificates from the handbook High Pressure Water Jetting serve as a basis in this context.
A single approval is issued per workstation for the inspection and certification of high pressure equipment. It is not possible to acquire an approval for more workstations on one name or on one workstations several approvals for several companies.

The price for inspection per workstation is € 283.50 ex VAT as of 1 January 2021.

SIR approved testing companies
A. van Tilburg
Abdex Hose & Couplings United Kingdom
ALBA Techniek
Antecho Belgium
Bakker & Co.
Buchen Industrial Services Belgium
Conservator South
DeHa Engineering
Doornbos Equipment
ERIKS Aandrijftechniek (Groningen)
ERIKS Aandrijftechniek (Roermond)
ERIKS Asse Belgium
GJK Techniek
Hammelmann Germany
HCI Belgium
Hugo Frauenhof Germany
IPSAM Technology Belgium
Jacobs België
Jetting Systems
JPB Groep
KOKS Group
Ligthart Milieu Techniek
Manuli Fluiconnecto
Marine and Industrial Cleaning Belgium
Mees van den Brink (Haaksbergen)
Mees van den Brink (Ridderkerk)
Mees van den Brink Belgium
Mourik Services
Ond. Peeters O.I.W. Belgium
Peeters Netherlands
Pollet Industrie Belgium
Reym (Sittard)
Rohrer Netherlands
Salomon Jetting Parts
Schönen Hogedrukservices
Schoonex Reinigingssystemen
Smet Jet Belgium
StoneAge Netherlands
Tank Cutters
UHP Systems
Van Spelden
Verwater Tank & Industrial Serv. Belgium
Waterkracht (Varsseveld)
Waterkracht (Spijkenisse)