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The requirements the employees should meet in pressure vacuum cleaning, are laid down in the form of attainment and test targets which can be found under the menu 'attainment and test targets'. The subject matter is based on these attainment and test targets. The employees must be SIR certified by means of an examination. There are four different categories which fall under working with high pressure. Following a brief description of each category.
High Pressure Water Jetter (HPWJ)
The jetter is the person who uses the spraying equipment. The jetter must be able to recognise the dangers which can occur when working with high pressure water jet installations, and be aware of procedures and precautionary measures to guarantee safety. It is also very important that the jetter uses the equipment in a correct and safe manner.
During the written part of the examination, the candidate’s theoretical knowledge will be tested. During the practical of the examination, an examinations team will assess whether the candidate can clean using high pressure in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the SIR.
High Pressure Pump Operator (HPPO)
The pump operator is the person who operates the high pressure water jet installation and who is responsible for the implementation of the high pressure work. Besides the knowledge that the pump operator has acquired as jetter, he must have the knowledge required for functioning, operating and maintaining high pressure water jet installations and accessories. In view of the fact that the pump operator is responsible for the work, it is also important that he is aware of pressure losses, concepts of physics and the correct use of accessories when working under high pressure. The examination is a written examination during which both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the pump operator are tested.
High Pressure Supervisor (HPS)
People who supervise must have sufficient knowledge and skills to ensure safe proceedings during the preparation and implementation of high pressure cleaning work. The supervisor must be aware of all risks that apply to Chemical and Technical Cleaning. Moreover, he must be able to compile, assess and clarify a S&H plan (Safety and Health Plan), Risk Inventory and Evaluation) and a TRA (Task Risk Analysis). This knowledge will therefore be tested as well during the written examination.
High Pressure Inspector (HPI)
The inspector is an expert official who has sufficient knowledge, as shown by professional know-how, training and experience, relating to high pressure water jet installations and high pressure accessories. He is familiar with the working and safety regulations of the SIR, and is therefore able to test whether an installation and accesoiries are safe. This knowledge will be tested during the written examination.