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High Pressure

As of end July 2008, the SIR published the new High Pressure Water Jetting handbook which describes the...

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Pressure Vacuum

Since beginning March 2011 the new handbook Pressure Vacuum Cleaning including Suction Excavation is available.

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Industrial Chemical

Since January 2010 a second edition of the handbook Industrial Chemical Cleaning is available (only Dutch version).

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Respiratory Protection

As of 17 June 2015, the SIR published a new Respiratory Protection handbook which describes the regulations...

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The aim of the Stichting Industriële Reiniging [Industrial Cleaning Foundation] (SIR) is to promote and regulate safe working in industrial cleaning situations. The SIR combines and protects that interest in the Netherlands and - since 2003 - in Belgium as well. The SIR serves as an example of how effective self-regulation can be as regards safety in a particular sector.

In order to achieve the goal of working as safely as possible in industrial cleaning situations, the SIR is active in a number of areas.

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